nova, the design system that transformed An enterprise cloud product

“Do not disturb… Geniuses are at work”

What was our main challenge?

The challenge was quite clear to everyone and it was pretty much straight forward, that was;

And why did we need a Design system in the first place?

As you have heard and learnt by now, A design system is not just a set of components or UI elements; it’s the “backbone of the application” which consists of;

Initial days where the team sat together and brain stormed to identify the key areas of the Design System

The Foundation for “nova”

The foundation was basically how the layout architecture, color patterns, typography, spacing and icons would gel with each other.

Bit of nova

Creating a set of rules and design principles

This is where the UI/UX designers played a crucial part in running a few design sprints on how the application should function considering our end user personas based on their problems and needs, identifying the psychological aspects from defining the main layout structures to bits and pieces like



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Shamir Dawood

Product Designer (UX/UI Designer) | Over 10 Years of Experience in Software Design Industry